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The target market for Atena T, SA, considering the genesis of its constitution, was preferentially directed to the Providing of products and services directed to the Telecom Operators.

Currently, having a multifunctional team, highly motivated and led by senior staff at the Project. Atena T, has acquired national and international dimension.

AtenaT, is a growing company in the area of its core business, communications and telecommunications, as well as other activities. We also develop other activities, notably in the manufacture of renewable energy systems (minihydro, solar, wind, biomass fuels, etc..)

Atena T reached increasing competencies in several areas of network operation, creation and management of call centers and providing skilled HR.

In a context in which companies are increasingly resorting to subcontracting and outsourcing services for the maintenance of their networks and equipment, Athena T Customer Care, seeks to achieve a position of reference.